5 lies in Hitesha's statement

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It is well said that “to hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed”. But let us add something on this line, “even a thousand lies cannot hide the first one”.

The same has happened with the Zomato Controversy and the loopholes on the Hitesha’s changing statements, again and again. So we again picked up our magnifying glass for finding the loopholes and got shocked with the results in the end.

Loophole 1: Hitesha has shared that she never left Banglore since the controversy started. But what about the claims of these news channels? Are they lying?


There can be three possibilities under this situation- First, Hitesha had left Banglore but came back because of the fear of getting arrested(according to the news channels). Second, she may have lied to the news channels to avoid them. Third and last, the news channels are lying. We think the possibilities are more with the second option, according to the track record till now.


Loophole 2: Hitesha has told, that she has been hounded, assaulted, and threatened, but this is just the reaction of the people after seeing the post which had been shared by her only. We didn’t raise our voice to spread the hate for Hitesha but to gather love for Kamraj.


And we think Hitesha should have contacted the police directly, but posting it on social media and expecting people to get influenced only by her views is never happening. By looking at the history of Hitesha, one thing has come out clear that this didn’t happen for the first time. She has continued assaulting the brands for a very long time.


Loophole 3: Hitesh confessed that she got the call from the staff and they denied the order, which means there was no need of showing rage or fighting with Kamaraj. She has started asking for free food even before the delivery arrived. So, one thing is clear here she was just cashing out the offer of free food here and nothing else.


Loophole 4: In the statement of Hitesha, she tried to put the hide herself behind the people by saying that everyone is trying to pressurize her for withdrawing the case.

But in earlier confessions, Hitesha said that she wants to withdraw the case, which glorifies a loophole again. Also, we all want that legal proceedings should happen on this matter so that the real culprit will come in front.


Loophole 5: She has admitted that the company offered to gift the free food in case of any late delivery. Now everyone knows that it goes straight from the salary of the delivery person. So wasn’t this the moral duty of HItesha to react accordingly and make the right decision.


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