Heated Arguments with abusive words, seems like today's Weekend Ka Vaar will be full of Drama!

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Seems like the thermometer of Big Boss is going to blast soon, as Salman Khan takes a class of some of the contestant in today's Weekend Ka Vaar as we saw a sudden and a heavy rise in the temperature because of Nikki Tamboli, Manu Punjabi, Arshi Khan, and Rakhi Sawant.


The promo is jammed with the fights happening between the members of the house. During the tasks, the contestants were divided into groups, and thus the new exercise of choosing their new captain created a lot of Drama.


In the promo for the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar, you can see Aly describing to Salman Khan why he laughed when Rakhi Sawant abused Nikki Tamboli which didn't go well with the latter leading to a big fight that erupted between the two thereafter.


Looks like Salman Khan may also talk about the banter between Eijaz and Rahul who were seen fighting with each other during the duck task as well as the key task when Rahul blamed Eijaz for Manu Punjabi's confusion on whom to support. The contestants also did a bit of nudge and push while accusing each other, thankfully other contestants came running by and disengaged both of them.

While all of this was happening, the must-watch debate would be around the antics of Rakhi and Arshi against Nikki using abusive and demeaning phrases. Nikki told them even earlier that the misbehavior of Rakhi will be discussed in front of Big Boss to which, Rakhi told her that she should be abused because of her backbiter behavior and sitting with men alone in a corner. What would be Salman's take on this matter?


Manu Punjabi for the first time was seen aggressively taking a stand for his bond with Nikki. While all this was going on, and after becoming the pure witness of these fights Rubina said that the atmosphere of the house is getting worse and worse now.


We are looking forward to knowing your point of view on this promo video and the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar! Who do you think is the real culprit here?