Abhinav's fans are positing supportive tweets continuously!

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Nothing remains unhidden from the eyes of the people on national Tv. No one justifies the wrongs facts here. And this is what happened when Salman Khan told Abhinav that what Rakhi did was pure entertainment.


The fans of the show are furious at the response. There are so many supporting tweets and comments on Abhinav’s teary eyes after Salman’s wrong statement. 



The fans of Abhinav Shukla wrote “We stand with you” and “Viewers with Abhinav”, for bringing their voice on this injustice.



Fans even wrote on Twitter that Abhinav is inside the house since the first day, and Rakhi is the one who came after and found her entertainment element in him. According to the fans its’ s Rakhi who is getting benefitted from this.


One fan wrote, “His voice shaking, tears in his eyes show he truly respected Rakhi...But she misused his respect & innocence! Be strong #AbhinavShukla we can't see you crying”.  The makers have closed their eyes to Rakhi’s action towards Abhinav but fans are nowhere to support her.


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These comments clearly show that they know very well the boundary between entertainment and harassment.


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