Aly and Abhinav's physical fight - Who's the real culprit here?

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Inside the Big Boss house, situations are emerging like volcanic eruptions. When Big Boss announces a new task to the contestants to win a new area of the house, Aly and Abhinav can be seen indulging in a physical fight.

In the earlier episodes, we have seen Aly calling Abhinav a "bandar" and in the reply, Abhinav claimed him as a "Bhains". This led them to different paths of never settling out.



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In the Promo shared by ColorTV, Abhinavand Aly can be seen making the house of Big Boss a battlefield. The promo started with Abhinav calling Aly a "ghatiya person", while he replied with the same word. After that Aly used some words for Abhinav and on which we can see Abhinav replying” Gaali mat de” to him.

While Vikas tried his best to hold Abhnav back when the argument kept growing. Aly screamed again with “Saath me khel na” to Abhinav again.
Even though other contestants can be seen coming between them to separate them, but somehow Aly’s hand touched Abhinav, and he replied with “Peeche rakh hath”. Just after that Aly was also screaming with “Insb se mai darta ni hun”.



This made things even worse. As the promo headed we can see Abhinav pushing Aly back. 

But after the analysis tweet shared by Akaash Ashok Gupta one can blindly conclude that it was Abhinav who started the fight and kept his aggressive mood on fire, while on the other hand Aly was seemed calmer in the response.

Today's episode is a mus-to-watch of this season.


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