Bigg Boss 14: Interesting Chemistry between Rahul and Rakhi makes the show more entertaining!

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In the video shared by ColorsTv, we can see Rakhi Sawant getting a nice shampoo cum massage by Aly Goni and Rahul.

The video started with the Rakhi coming out of the bathroom with a bucket of water after losing the bathroom area. Then Rahul comes up to her and starts putting shampooing her hair. He also can be seen saying "muft ka bhi pel lo” in the video.


But Rakhi on this replies saying “Pura ekdum clear kr dena”.



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Then they both start singing along with the background music of “Thande Thande pani se nahana chahiye”. Beside them, Aly Goni was seen doing exercises. After that Rakhi started having goosebumps due to the cold water.

Then she asks Aly to put a conditioner in her hair, and in the response, he starts doing the same. Rakhi on their hospitality told them that she feels blessed as she has never experienced something like this before.

On that, Rahul said “Ab Hamara bhagya jaag Gaye lekin” and comes up with the famous 'Kapil Sharma' punch line that he has done so many singing shows just to see this day alone!


Did you find this new entertaining chemistry between the three interesting?


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