Aly Goni’s sister reacted to her brother getting scolded by Salman Khan!

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In the last episode of Weekend Ka Vaar of Big Boss 14, we have seen how nicely Salman Khan has taken a stand for Rakhi Sawant. He also scolded each and everyone for laughing at her just because of her different personality. Even Rubina was told by the host that she doesn't look cool by bullying Rakhi Sawant.


Then came, the turn of Aly Goni and his girlfriend Jasmin Bhasin, who also participated in this role of laughing at Rakhi Sawant. Salman Khan also scolded them, by telling Jamin that she show cases a different personality than her innocent face.


Also, we have seen Aly Goni accusing Vikas Gupta of the blackmail issue. Salman Khan reacted to this issue as well which gave Vikas Gupta a chance to come right back at Aly Goni to be transparent and taken names. Aly kept saying that he cannot provide any more details on National TV but his many friends including himself have faced the wrath of Vikas Gupta's attitude.


And on all the reaction given by Salman Khan, Aly Goni’s sister reacted to this punishment, by suggesting her brother and his girlfriend stay strong. She also said the network connection of Salman Khan’s Tv must be lost at the time Rakhi abused Aly and Jasmin. Even Akassh Ashok Gupta (Social Media Critic) second Illham's claim blaming it on a biased and poor script that didn't allow Aly to put forth his experience with Vikas properly!



Who do you think is right here?


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