An invisible slap on the face of Vanraj

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The last episode of Anupama showed the mirror to every disguise people keep in mind based on their very own positions.

The episode starts with Vanraj entering the cabin and getting shocked by seeing Anupama sitting on his chair.

On the other hand, Kavya adds up fuel to the fire by telling Vanraj that Anupama is responsible for the loss of his job.

While making Anupama realize his mistake, Vanraj turns on the nameplate stick outside his office but get shocked by seeing the name of Kavya written on it.

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Anupama then tells him that she has never seen his office building before.

But Vanraj with his tantrum goes out of the office and tells Kavya that he never saw this AVATAR of Anupama in 24 years.

On the other side, Leela keeps on irritating her housemaid and gets angry with her when she finally answers her.

She even blamed Anupama for everything that happened with her son.

Vanraj in the promo can be seen telling Kavya that he is now going to answer the divorce notice sent by Anupama.

While in the house Vanraj sends the notice mentioning that Anupama is mentally unstable.

What do you think gonna happen now?

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