Ankita Bhargava shared a picture of her little happy family with us

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Ankita Bhargava has shared an aww-so-cute photo of her daughter along with her husband in the Maldives.


Karen Patel and Ankita Bhargava were blessed with their daughter in 2019. And we were on the 9th cloud when they shared this news with her.


Although they didn't share her face with her we were sure of her beauty charts.



And then recently Karen Patel has shared a side picture of their daughter. And we were more than happy to see that little princess.


Now her mom, Ankita has also shared an "oh-so-dreamy" picture of her. In the picture, we can see them looking at the sky and holding their baby in between with her tiny hands.


Also, the Ankita has shared that how risky this pose is, for the babies. And that she doesn't hold her daughter like this, but just allow her to walk on her own.


We are more than happy to see them enjoying themselves.


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