Anokhi on the edge of getting rejected from admission!

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The show of “Sharya aur Anolkhi” has taken a more complex turn hereby as the episode started with the fight and conversation of Sharya and Anokhi.


Anokhi was shown asking Saurya that why he behaves like her in this way and not with any other student. She even asks Sharya that is this anger for her or her teacher. Hereby Sharya is shown shocked and remembering all his past childhood events.


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After that Shaurya again repeated the same thing that either she will be bringing her transfer certificate along with 50,000 till the next day morning or she will not be having any admission at all.


On the other hand, the family member of Anokhi was shown blaming her teacher for asking the T.C. from the principal and other staff when she claims with nothing to do about Anokhi. On this, her teacher explains everything to the police officer everything and puts Anokhi on the speaker to clarify everything.


After the certificate issue, she was terrified of the requirement of fifty thousand rupees for admission. Bubly, the elder sister of Anokhi at this moment helped her by giving away their mother’s golden bangle to her for getting money in exchange for them.


The best and most interesting part about the show is that Sharya was shown shouting at Anokhi when she offers a watch instead of money. He claims her a thief as she has HIS watch in her hand. At this, Her brother in law enters inside and announces that she has stolen her wife’s bangles too.


Do you think Anokhi will still get admission?


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