Anupama announces her decision of leaving the house

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In the show Anupama featuring, the story has turned a completely inspiring turn for all those in the same condition.


Even today the show started with Vanraj being mad at Anupama due to her legal notice for divorce. Vanraj tells her mother that even though he asked for freedom but Anupama didn’t agree on that ground and this is the reason why he returned to Kavya.


Anupama in response asks him to answer the report notice soon. And this makes Vanraj take away his daughter.


On the other hand, Anupama tells Pakhi to take care of her as she doesn’t want to make her feel away from his father.  After this when Pakhi reaches Kavya’s home she seems a little disappointed but agreed on Pakhi living at her apartment. Then Vanraj tells Kavya that Pakhi will leave soon due to her habit of staying only at her own home.


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Vanraj asks Kavya to let her daughter sleep with her on the bed and he will sleep on the sofa. This made Kavya disagree with him but did agree after some time.


Samar on the other hand was shown being mocked by some boys on his father’s extramarital affair, which resulted in the fight between them. When the family separated them and asked about the matter, Samar left the room without saying any word but Nandini tells them the truth.


After that Mrs, Dave was shown entering the house and tells Anupama that she knows everything. Even though was shown to stop her mother but she didn’t stop and kept insulting the family.


Anupama snaps back and tells Mrs.  Dave that she will be taking care of her family by staying strong on her decision.


In the promo for tomorrow's episode, we are shown Toshu shouting back at Samar and saying that whatever Anupama does is wrong and asks Kinjal to leave the house. We are shown Anupma announcing his decision of leaving the house at it.


Do you think Anupama will leave her house?


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