Anupama came up more fearless this time

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Anupama has come up as the most relatable story of all time.

The last episode started with Anupama telling Leela not to worry about the bills as the four family members are now earning.

With that, Kinjal enters inside and announces the news of Kavya working under her on the same project.

Leela started dancing with joy after hearing this news.


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On the other hand, when Toshu announces his decision of shifting to a different city, everyone gets shocks.

Toshu tells everyone that "Excellence Coaching Center" is soon going to open its branch in Mumbai and he is appointed to handle all the operations there.

Anupama allows him to do whatever he wants to with his life but gets blamed for breaking her house by Leela.

Then Toshu and Kinjal have their serious conversation but end up with nothing in the last.

After that Vanraj and Kavya head back from their apartments when she asks him to use the cab as she needs to go to the office earlier this day. 

In the upcoming glimpse, Anupama confronts Vanraj for saying every truth in the court as she is nothing like she was before.

She even tells Vanraj that she isn't going to get scared of him now.

Vanraj on this can be seen showing eyes to her and telling her that he will be answering all the questions in court without any shame now.

Aren't you excited about the court hearing episode now?


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