Anupama has become an inspiration for today’s women!

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The story has given a great overview to all those facing the same issue. Where in the recent episode, Anupama stands out for her decision on Divorce, Vanraj can be seen realizing his mistakes altogether.

Slamming the Divorce Notice back on Anupama he asks for clarification but Anupama can be seen telling her the decision of her to go separate ways.

This makes Vanraj takes his daughter with him to his girlfriend's house. On the other hand, Toshu and Leela can be seen insulting Anupama for her stand out, but others kept supporting her decision. At the end of the conversation, when she announces to leave the house by herself, everyone comes out to be more shocked. Whereas her Father in law, announces that whoever wants to leave can but Anupama will live here no matter what.


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Talking about the situation of Pakhi, it is the same as we have expected. She can be seen missing her home in an untold manner. When she calls her brother for the school uniform and tells him that there are only cornflakes for her to eat, we can see her missing her own home.


Even though Kavya tries to keep up with Pakhi but ends up telling Vanraj that he needs to eat cornflakes for the breakfast. Also, she can be seen pissed off by Pakhi’s reaction to cornflakes.

We must expect Pakhi to keep up with this attitude of hers, and Kavya getting pissed of. And if this kept going then no wonder Kavya will be asking her directly to leave the place.

Whereas we must tell you the biggest news update of this episode. Vanraj has been fired from the job for not covering up all the targets, while Anupama can be seen going the exact opposite as she gained 12 new students (mothers of her existing students).

Isn’t every episode of these serials come out even more special than what we expect it to be?


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