Anupama's roaring AVATAR

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In the last second episode, when we saw Vanraj's reaction to the divorce notice, we expected the story to turn into on-court scenes but it seems like that part is far away.


In the last episode, Vanraj was shown warning Anupama and then leaving the house. Unexpectedly Toshu and Leela kept on blaming Anupama for her decision.


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Samar couldn't handle his brother's words against his mother, so their physical fight started. Somehow when this fight ended Toshu and Kinjal can be seen disagreeing on the same matter.


Leela on behalf of her son, tells Anupama that she would have accepted Vanraj. Next Second, Samar reaches to meet his father at Kavya's house. He insults Vanraj and tells him how disgusting he feels by calling him his father.


In the response when Vanraj tries to slap him, Samar holds his hand in the middle. Samar tells him that his mother's sacraments don't allow him to slap his father back, but he can stop him. On the other hand, Kavya tried her best to provoke Samar.


But it seems like Samar has more control on his own. In the end, Samar breaks a table and leaves the building. After this, when Kavya asks Vanraj for this, he also tells her that Samar hasn't done anything and it was Kavya who was provoking him.


He then locks himself in the bathroom. Kavya, on the other hand, files an FIR on Samar. She even blames Samar for trying to slap her. When Samar was taken away from Anupama, she becomes a pure lioness.


Anupama reaches Vanraj's house and tells Kavya that she hasn't done the right thing now.


Then she turns to Vanraj and tells him to call as many lawyers as he can.


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