Ban 'Tandav' web series: Why?

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Why is Tandav web series in controversy?: Why is #TandavBan trending on twitter?

Here’s everything you need to know.


'Tandav' is a political-thriller web series airing on Amazon Prime India. It stars many prominent Bollywood and TV actors like Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadiya, Sunil Grover, Dino Morea, Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub, Gauahar Khan, and Kritika Kamra. 'Tandav' is created by Ali Abbas Zafar and Gaurav Solanki.


The series includes a scene, in which Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub is playing the role of lord 'Shiva' in a college play where lord 'Shiva' talks about having fewer followers on Twitter than Lord 'Raam' and what should he do to increase his Twitter followers. Narad Muni advises him to tweet ‘something sensational’ like 'mock the college students who are chanting Azaadi Azaadi. This hurt the Hindu-religious community and things took a controversial turn for the makers of 'Tandav'. 


Let's see what the people are saying about 'Tandav' and its makers:

1. 'Tandav' and some other previous cinema projects like 'Oh my God' and 'PK', took the same path which hurts the religious sentiments of only one community- i.e. Hindu community, that's why the Hindu-religious citizens are agitated. 


2. 'Tandav' is among those films/series which used only 'Hindu Gods' to mock politics and religious practices.


3. People are fighting, that there are many other ways to portray such things but filmmakers are focussed only on a particular set of community and religion. No Bollywood filmmaker ever dares to mock Islamic, Christian, and Sikh Gods in such harsh, uncool and straightforward ways.


4. Caste and class system biased and wrongly portrayed. It is also prevalent in other religions and communities but never recognized by Bollywood.



5. This is just to stunt to gain more publicity and high turnover.



6. Other films like 'Mohammed', 'Hawayein', 'Kaum De Heere', 'The Da Vinci Dode' were always banned even from the initial release, in the fear of hurting religious sentiments. 



People with all these points took to file an FIR against Ali, Gaurav, and Amazon Prime India, for deliberately hurting their religious sentiments. This in-turn resulted in editing out those particular scenes, but netizens and the religious community are not yet satisfied and they want more strict action against the responsible. 



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We, as media and filmmakers think that there is an art called 'symbolism and metaphor' which is the ultimate art of filmmaking. We believe that it is necessary to show your ideas, your stands, the truth, and the wrong. But If we want to depict these things, we need to use symbolism, which takes into account everything and everyone, instead of being biased and focussing on one point of view or one community.


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