Bigg Boss fan suggested Disha Parmar to charge from Bigg Boss makers now as she is now an official contestant!

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Disha Parmar has been dragged into the conversation so many times now. Even the fans have started making fun of them. Earlier Rahul Vaidya has proposed to Disha and their relationship was in the spotlight for so long.


And inside the house of Big Boss, we have seen her name popping out so many times. Even when Rubina and Rahul fought in the recent episodes, we have seen them fighting and suddenly her name emerged out of nowhere.



Not only this, in one of the episode Nikki Tamboli brought her name in front by confessing that he never behaves well or respect his girlfriend even. The viewers have started telling her to charge from Bigg Boss now as her name came up this many times, almost as if she is an official contestant.


No doubt the name of Jasmin Bhasin was also brought up so many times, but we can’t ignore the fact that Disha has remained in the talk always.



Also in the reply, the actress has mentioned CC along with tagging the ColorTv Instagram profile. She even used two laughing emojis in the end. In one of the recent tweets, fans even asked her to keep her preference aside and join the BB.


But she replied that Rahul is capable of fighting his battle himself and having her around will make him feel pressured.


Do you think she should enter in BB?     


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