Big Boss14: The nomination task of this week is full of craziness and surprises.

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As the Big Boss has announced that the Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom are going to be taken from the contestants, this had made everyone got really mad. 


In the promo shared by Colors TV, we can see the faces of the contestants shocked and terrified for the upcoming.



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The promo starts with Vikas Gupta asking everyone about who is going to have the bedroom now. After that Vikas says that he wants Kitchen, and on that Abhinav responds that the kitchen belongs to him, leaving Vikas shocked.


Then Rubina can be seen saying that if Abhinav gets the kitchen and if he got nominated then they will not be able to use it then. Afterward, Aly Goni says that he will nominate whomever he wishes to, doesn't matter what will be the result.


Meanwhile, Rakhi was also seemed to be terrified and asked Big Boss how they will be managing their basic needs. Finally Big Boss announced that Bedroom is going to be opened for 5 minutes and everyone can be seen rushing into it. 


Isn't it going to be amazing now?


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