Bigg Boss 13: 6th Week Contestant Rankings as of 9th November'19

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With 6 wild cards namely Vikas Phatak, Shefali Jariwala, Himanshi Khurana, Tehseen Poonawalla, Khesari Lal Yadav and Arhaan Khan coming into the house with lot of masala, spice, homework and mentoring, the house was bound to get re-shuffled in terms of who is at what position when it comes to ranks. 


Here’s the look at all 15 contestants at the end of 6th week as of 9th November’2019 including the pair of Devoleena and Rashmi who recently came back after a break of 4 days into the house:


#1 - Siddharth Shukla  - The ‘Angry Young Man’ continues to be on the top position who had a new confrontation going this week with Rashmi Desai’s close friend also contemplated as her current boyfriend with whom she might get married. Siddharth also had a change of heart for two girls in his group Arti and Shehnaz while he welcomes Shefali and Himanshi who showed a lot of support for his group. Sidharth was again really strong in the task of ’Transport services’ for selecting the captain, had a mild misunderstanding with friend ‘Asim Riaz’ and got into another verbal war with Rashmi Desai.


#2 - Asim Riaz - Showing his great physique throughout the week, Asim is constantly coming up from being just a mere shadow of Sidharth Shukla and showing his individual skills. He dominated the ’Transport Services’ task and led it from the front being the Captain of the Team. He also made the right decision of selecting the 2 nominations for captaincy i.e. Shefali Jariwala and Himanshi Khurana. He was shown counseling Sidharth on his relationship with Sana and also controlled his anger when Sana and Mahira were hitting boxes at him. While both Sidharth and Asim get really aggressive but it looks like he’s the one who’s maintaining more balance noticeably.


#3 - Paras Chhabra - The leading negative shade of the show and the ‘Playboy’ Paras successfully acted as the leader yet again for the second group in the absence of Rashmi. He also convincingly manipulated Shehnaz to keep her out of Sidharth’s zone. Paras also formed a bond with Arhaan Khan who he found a partner in the war of words against Sidharth Shukla. Paras faced a minor injury during the tasks and again looked less interested in doing the task with full steam. His group for sure got a lot of support with Wild Card such as Tehseen Poonawalla, Khesari Lal Yadav as well.


#4 - Rashmi Desai - Fitting well in Top 5, the first day itself after coming back with Bigg Boss makers giving her another chance in the show, Rashmi looked in total control when Mahira, Paras were seen telling her all that happened. Her initial conversations with Arhaan did indicate there’s something going between them in the show. She also had as expected a verbal confrontation with her arch-nemesis Sidharth Shukla and looked dejected from Shefali not giving her any time or even exchanging any greeting.


#5 - Hindustani Bahu - Getting into Top 5 in the first week itself after coming inside as a Wild Card talks a lot about Bahu and his potential. Contrary to his image outside of an abusive and aggressive fellow, he took the entertainment route and made everyone laughed inside the show and quickly made bonds alike in both the groups but confiding with Sidharth more. He has got an all-round appreciation from the entire Bigg Boss audience and is going to get a lot of advocacy as we foresee in this coming Weekend Ka Vaar from Salman. He also showed a lot of maturity in all of his conversations where he was on point with regards to his views on what’s going on in the house especially the relationship between Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz gill. While Paras tried manipulating him for becoming the captain, he showed more maturity than what Paras would expect and doesn’t look like someone who can easily get manipulated and thus, rightly deserves the Top 5 spot.


#6 - Shehnaz Gill - Getting deeply affected by her arch-nemesis from Punjabi Industry Himanshi Khurana’s entry inside the house, Shehnaz not only disappointed her fans outside but also her friends inside whom she started mistrusting out of insecurity and sure childish attitude which was further aggravated with manipulation coming in from Paras. She was shown pointing fingers and unnecessary blame on her own friends which didn’t go well with the audience and thus, dropped down for the first time from Top 5 positions in our rankings.


#7 - Shefali Jariwala - A Beautiful, Strong and Mature woman is the first impression which Shefali left on the audience in her first week. Becoming a Captain itself with clear support from her group makes her one of the strongest wild cards along with Hindustani Bhau. Her positive equation with Bhau, Sidharth, Arti, Asim and Himanshi alike should put in her good stead in the coming weeks.


#8 - Mahira Sharma - Lot of abuses, aggression and women card is what Mahira did in the first part of the week apart from dressing well and trying to show us Kareena’s fashion attire. In absence of Rashmi, she did take the center stage but looked off in the last episode apart from sharing her displeasure with Rashmi.


#9 - Devoleena Bhattacharjee - Devoleena is back but looks like only to provide support to Rashmi. Her body language didn’t look as if she is going to last very long. She did have yet another confrontation with Sidharth and was shown trying to make a connection with Rashmi’s boyfriend which was not funny to even Rashmi and looked weird. She may have lost the plot but while there are so many others who are not adding so much value, she still is on the 9th spot as we know she’s just going to get violent in the next task and maintain her position well.


#10 - Himanshi Khurana - The girl played with lot of maturity which was not expected as everyone would have thought she will come all guns blazing towards Shehnaz Gill but looks like, her game was made easy by Shehnaz who had a weird reaction after she rejected Shehnaz and avoided her completely. She looked calm and sorted and made a good bond with Shefali, Sidharth, and Bhau and is looking solid at no. 10.


#11 - Arhaan Khan - Being the favorite troll for Social Media Bigg Bossians on all platforms alike from being called “Ramlal”, “Sasta Arjun Rampal”, “Face of a Donkey” and whatnot, Arhaan Khan did bring content value even if it’s trolls outside or confrontations with Sidharth and Asim inside. His conversations with Rashmi Desai also indicate that he’s here for a reason which may become more obvious in the coming week. One weird thing which everyone wants to know though is the reason he’s wearing those shades inside the house which may get asked by Salman himself.


#12 - Arti Singh - In spite of being the Captain of the House, Arti Singh couldn't capitalize and maintains her position at the fag end. While she did look positive especially when she was shown motivating Shehnaz Gill to apologize to Sidharth, she still fails to play the real ‘Game’. After thinking a lot that whether she keeps giving the license to Sidharth to treat her the way he wants, she went back to him which means, she will continue to be the shadow and would eventually get evicted soon.


#13 - Tehseen Poonawalla - Someone who came in with a lot of confidence in winning the show, Tehseen has certainly looked out of place with his overacting, bad timing and becoming the troll subject for Hindustani Bhau’s jokes. He does have cute moments but nowhere the cunning spirit that he shows on News Channels which we actually thought he will provide to the show. He’s nowhere near to the gameplay of Paras something we expected more from him.


#14 - Khesari Lal Yadav - The biggest Entertainer outside the Bigg Boss 13 house who enjoys superstardom in the Bhojpuri industry failed to deliver content in his first week. Getting perturbed with Sidharth Shukla avoiding him and getting mixed amidst morals and rules of the tasks, Khesari was impactful but didn’t come through as expected. Khesari was expected to provide entertainment instead of preaching and that’s where the gap seems to be. Looks like Khesari needs confidence as he for sure has a lot of potential in him but for now, shockingly he’s at the fag end of the ranks.



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