Bigg Boss 13: Contestant Rankings as of 16th October'19

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In the last rankings released by us on 9th October'19, you saw that #ShehnazGill got the Top Spot whereas, the last 3 were Koena Mitra, Daljeet Kaur, and Abu Malik in that order and we are happy to share that both the girls who were last in our list i.e. Koena and Daljeet got evicted who were also nominated which does talk a little about the credibility we gained. What we think is that while last week Abu Malik escaped from elimination, this week he's nominated and below ranking do tell a tale of his fate which doesn't look good.


Let's take a look at what has changed this time around who's gone down and who's come up and why.


#1 - Shehnaz Gill - The Full on 'Entertainer' with a spill of 'Cuteness' - Stays with the steady flow of content and being in the news even this week. In fact, the last Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan gave the Punjabi "Katrina Kaif" a clean chit as well and putting Koena Mitra's claims down bluntly which clearly indicates that the girl has struck the right chord even with Salman Khan. Her growing friendship with 'Siddharth Shukla' has strengthened her case as well while Paras Chhabra's plans to use her for his gain have not materialized.


#2 - Siddharth Shukla - The Anchor with 'Strong Opinion' and 'Looks' - Emerging as a strong leader now Siddharth is owning the house with 3 key players namely Shehnaz, Asim and Shefali in his group and his constant fights with the likes of Rashmi Desai, Siddharth fills the top spot with no confusion. His antics in Toy Factory task are to be seen by anyone and everyone. His weight is difficult to be pushed by the girls as well as Paras Chhabra. Moreover, he's got a best friend snatched from Paras i.e. Shehnaz Gill who's coming in really handy as Shehnaz Gill was caught saying 'Is bande se main bot kuch seekh rahi hoon'


#3 - Paras Chhabra - The Unprecedented Paras is slowly fitting into the villain group from an entertainer. His disrespect towards Shehnaz for his gains is not working clearly but at the same time he has been successful in forming a group with the Girl Power of Devoleena, Rashmi and Mahira. His connection with Mahira might work for him too which makes u believe that he's here to stay and deserves Top position.


#4 - Asim Mirza - The one who's was pushed down in the first 2 weeks accidentally as he became this season's fun goat for Salman during Weekend Ka Vaar episodes just like Karanvir Bohra and Luv Tyagi in previous seasons. Slowly though, he's gaining his position and during Toy Factory task, his antics of snatching the bucket of girls did tell about his enthusiasm for the task which was missing for sure. He showed his capability also by shoving almost everyone in the other group starting from Rashmi, going to Siddharth Dey, Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra. This was perfect from his credentials perspective and for his fans who were talking about this all over on social media.


#5 - Devoleena Bhattacharjee - The 'Rani no. 1' and a 'Strong' Character Devoleena continues to impress with her fiery attitude something that Shefali showed in the first week. With her constant fights and eagerness to be on top, her support and best friend role with Rashmi and the most recent tiff with Asim during "Toy Factory" task makes her stay in the Top 5!


#6 - Shefali Bagga - Playing the second fiddle and safe as she's not in nominations has surely pulled the News anchor down but she's not losing the steam with her constant support for Shehnaz Gill and her connection disconnection moments with Siddharth Dey


#7 - Rashmi Desai - The 'Kitchen Queen' with a 'Shukla' Angle is only seen crying in fear of getting eviction is one of the worse moments audience got to saw and it's a pity to see this and clearly she's falling on expectations audience and fans had from her. She doesn't need this and instead, needs to show her candidature with a point of view and fight in task which she did give a glimpse of in Toy Factory Task.


#8 - Arti Singh - The 'Dynamite' yet to explode with a great 'Networking' ability is looking confused as we reach the middle of the third week. Her case against Koena was 50% good and 50% bad with audience but besides that one Matka game, she's not providing any great moments and is lucky not to be in nominations this week.


#9 - Siddharth Dey - The 'Horny' Guy who's making others look good continues where not only he had a nude moment but he is keeping Shefali well in the game as well giving Asim Riaz a wow moment when the former shoved Siddharth Dey off when the later came in between his confrontation with the girls


#10 - Mahira Sharma - The 'Jasleen Matharu' of BB13 or 'Nora Fatehi' of BB9 who got stuck with Paras and Shehnaz has clearly survived the connection race is now a connection of Paras. This is the only reason he might get saved from getting evicted but still is in the Danger zone if there's double eviction in the Week 3 Weekend Ka Vaar episode. She's coming across as someone who's clearly jealous of Shehnaz, calls everyone 'Beta' and is a fake version of Bebo - something that no one is liking. Moreover, her pimple makeup is not teaching anything to the audience either. In all probability she's a wrong choice and Paras has made a blunder of sorts for preferring Mahira over Shehnaz


#11 - Abu Malik - The 'Funny Burjurg' who's providing the Balance is now getting fooled and emotionally blackmailed. While the other day during the Sunil Grover flop task, Paras gave him his piece of mind, the following day Rashmi warned him that if she was to get evicted the entire blame would come to Abu. We are wondering though, why Abu needs to listen to all this. Clearly, it's time to Go Abu Ji. With no connection, you are predicted to be evicted this week as per our analysis.


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