Bigg Boss 13 First Look is Phenomenol! Exclusive Pictures from the House and more..

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Here's the first look of Bigg Boss 13 House with High Quality and High Definition Pictures that includes main entrance, dining area, couples area, lounge area, outdoor area, confession room, bed room area, captains area, living room and washroom of this amazing set located in Goregaon.


Here's the Exclusive first look of Bigg Boss 13 House including all the Major areas of the house which is in fact a new set shifted from Lonavala to Goregaon, Mumbai. 


As we know the show is going to be launched on September 29' 2019 and every year almost every one awaits the glimpses of the new house to see what is the new theme and it's always better just like this time as well!

The new set boasts of a theme which is full of the Pink and Purple family and looks majestic to the eyes! 


This 18500 sq.ft luxurious home, adorned with several aesthetic elements, will be called BB museum. The house will be surrounded by 93 cameras for the contestants’ stay during the next 100+ days has been specially designed by Bollywood’s most favourite art director, Omung Kumar as always.


Let's review all these major areas one by one:


(1) Living Room Area


Living Room is the place where tasks are read out, contestants get reprimanded, arguments and flights take place and becomes the hot seat for the most awaited weekend segment. The living room is the area where the decisions are taken for who is going to be the captain and who will get the punishment. Luxury budgets are decided here as well but nothing compared to the Weekend Ka Vaar Drama that happens in the middle of the living room with the host Salman Khan where all the contestants dress up to the core trying to impress Bhai as well as the world wide audience. The long purple sofa with 2 chairs on the side positions 12 contestants so we wonder if that would be the starting count of contestants?


(2) Dining Area


Dining Area is where many fights happen especially if someone doesn’t get the right food or gets less food. The 2 biggest fights ever by KRK and Dolly Bindra where the earlier threw a bottle at the fellow contestant while the later came up with the hit dialogue “Baap pe nahi jaane ka” so all the masala builds up right here at the Dining table. One thing to notice is the eye shape which talks about the amazing aesthetics which are visible in every nook and corner of the house.


(3) Kitchen Area


Right besides the Dining table is the Kitchen area, where the likes of Shilpa Shinde, Karishma Tanna, Gauahar Khan, Dipika Kakar, Juhi Paramar ruled the hearts of millions in the country. Apart from 2 bar tables, you can see 2 more tables which looks like an addition from the previous season. The question is who will be the leading lady of Bigg Boss 13 who will take the throne to be the Master Chef? fight may erupt from the very start to own this place isn’t?


(4) Confession Room


The most important room, which the contestants fear to walk into, is very thoughtfully designed. The confession room holds a diwan for the contestants to be seated, the backseat of which has mirror work at the borders. 100’s of ropes hang down from the ceiling giving the room, a rustic but mysterious vibe.


(5) Bedroom Area



‘Dear Karma, I have a list of people that you missed,’ a line that echoes many people’s thoughts is written at the entrance of the bedroom. In a first of its kind, the contestants’ bedroom will accomodate 14 people. The Bigg Boss house is known for its twists and this time there is one bed which is customized for three-people sharing. A huge 3-D zipper runs across the wall with various expressions inscribed that highlights and uplifts the mood.


For sure, this house is yet another masterpiece by the makers! What do you think?