Bigg Boss 13: Mid-5th Week Contestant Rankings as of 31st October'19

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Fifth week inside the Bigg Boss 13 House is calm and cool after an exploding Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan where he gave strong messages to one and all followed by Siddharth Dey’s eviction which came in the news with his strong reactions on what happened inside targeting Siddharth Shukla and gang and trying to clear his image owing to his injury unleashed in the Hand-hold task where the girls Shehnaz Gill and Arti Singh tried getting on the nerves of Siddharth Dey and Paras Chhabra.


With clear analysis of the proceedings starting from Weekend ka Vaar and how things have panned out this week while the “Food Delivery” is going on, here is our view on how contestants inside Bigg Boss 13 House rank:


#1 - Siddharth Shukla  - The ‘Angry Young Man’ continues to be on the top position who has started working on his temper after being advised by Salman Khan and being told that if the can do so, with his logical reasoning, he could be perceived as the best and can achieve a lot through this show. He continues advising Asim, Arti, and Sana who also have faith in this advise and lead.


#2 - Rashmi Desai - With forced duties and roles noticeably in ‘Adalat' task judged by Farah Khan and now the Sanchalak of ‘Food Delivery’ task, she’s being pushed hard by the makers to get into Top 3 and she does it based on the amount of screen visibility and her ongoing tiff with Siddharth, recent conversation with Arti Singh and also it seems as she has indeed taken the advice of Salman seriously and she’s trying to play her game and defocusing from ’Shukla angle'


#3 - Asim Riaz - Asim continues to flaunt his body and play an active role in the tasks and has started a great bro-bond with both Siddharth Shukla and him being titled on social media as “Ram-Laxman”. While Salman told him that he needs to take care of his anger and stop breaking “Bigg Boss” property and then told by Farah that no one knew him before this show and thus, he needs to make most of this opportunity, one thing is clear that the top model of the country has started grabbing a lot of attention.




#4 - Shehnaz Gill - Salman’s favorite this season Sana with her sheer innocence continued winning hearts and with entertainment quotient which was the only augh segment made weekend ka vaar come alive after Salman’s vaar at the contestants. Salman told everyone about her latest song “Veham” that it crossed 10 million views on youtube and while you are reading this, it may have crossed 15 million which shows the popularity of ‘ Punjab ki Katrina Kaif’



#5 - Paras Chhabra - Spoiling this game big time by losing a big set of audience as soon as he cursed Salman after previous weekend ka vaar not only he drops down in the ranks but also got a lot of bashing from Salman himself directly and indirectly but something that worked for him is the feedback from Farah that he shouldn’t stop the fun factor which is something that could be seen during ‘Food Delivery’ task. He’s still one of the best contenders for the going through being the ‘villain’ and ‘playboy’ of the house.




#6 - Mahira Sharma - With her sheer passion for playing the game and coming out from the sidekick image of Paras, Mahira deserves the 6th position whether her confrontations with Siddharth Shukla or Shehnaz Gill or her grill session with Salman during Weekend Ka Vaar, the look-alike of Kareena Kapoor does have more to give in the show and is not going anywhere out as of now.


#7 - Devoleena Bhattacharjee - The ‘Devil’ of the show was spared by Salman during Weekend ka Vaar but not by Farah Khan during ‘Adalat’ task where Farah brought up the ‘Me-Too’ statement that she gave against Siddharth Shukla. The same didn’t go well for her and she’s been cornered with one too many for misusing such a credible movement. (For more, read this tweet below)




#8 - Shefali Bagga - Much better off playing as a single in the first week, Shefali continued dropping down in company of Siddharth Dey who was bashed hard by Salman Khan. After Siddharth Dey going out, Shefali’s game needs a strong connection which is totally missing as she was relying heavily on Siddharth Dey which was a smart move initially but dragged for more time than what was required.


#9 - Arti Singh - With no independent perspective and ideas during task and playing in the shadow of Siddharth Shukla, Arti looks strong but weakest in her group due to which, she is not able to get enough visibility of her own. 


We do feel that if someone is getting evicted it’s either Arti or Shefali or both of them!


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