Bigg Boss 14: Indirect message to viewers and Critics during Weekend Ka Vaar but how correct was it?

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Salman Khan is enraged at the contestants now. It seems like the announcement was for the viewers and critics but through the contestants. 


The promo started with Salman Khan roaring, "Ye kyu sunai deta hai is season me ki content ke lie ho raha h.. apke emotions emotions inke emotions content.."


He then again added, "Daily soap ka performance lg ra hai apko.. mai ye content ke lie kr rahan hun? BHAAD me gya Content."



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Next second, Salman Khan announced that the Bigg Boss is only showing what was happening inside the house. Then he looked at Nikki and Arshi while saying, "kisi ko neech bolna.. chappal maar ke nikal jaungi... sbko nalla bulana". 


Salman Khan announces that he always advises the contestants not to do such things out of concern but then also the blames are pointing on them. Even Salman screamed with "mazaak udaoge? Kisi ke pas koi brand ni hai to? Chand se aaye ho?". 


He told everyone that it is shameful that they are doing such an insult. In the last, he announced he'd done with them.


But we ask the audience a bigger question? Isn't this Reality show for content only or they just show the reality? We do agree that there's a lot of reality and that's visible in the live feed but having said that the 1 hour edited show is all about entertainment and TRP generating quotient! Watch the below video and you will understand more about what exactly we are pointing out




Isn't it like a message to the viewers through contestants?

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