Bigg Boss 14: New Task of breaking Pyramids

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In the promo by ColorsTv, a new task has been allotted to the contestants in Bigg Boss and after so many days of fighting and arguing, we are finally seeing everyone laughing together.


The promo started with Rubina announcing the content.



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The whole concept behind it was that each male contestant has to put the face mask on and hit the pyramid with the balls in 15 minutes. This task has 2 major points.


The first one that the contestant must keep their face up while hitting and the second one that the person who will take the least time will be the winner. Also, the winner will be getting the gift hamper from Garner.


At first, Rahul came up for the participation, and Rubina being the Director of this task, but the face mask on his face. Rahul took 3 minutes 24 seconds to complete this task. 


Next second, Abhinav participates in the task and complete it in 1 minute 07 seconds. Then the third and last contestant was Aly, who did the task in 1 minute 47 seconds. So the winner hamper goes to Abhinav.


The best part about this task is that everyone laughed together without any stress or conflict. Also, during Aly's participation, Rahul stood in front of him. It was a fun activity in the end.


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