BIGG BOSS SEASON 14: Anything for TRP

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We always have taken #Metoo moment so seriously for girls, but what about the boys? The blunders which are happening inside the Bigg Boss is surely attracting the TRP, but decreasing all the quality standards set by Bigg Boss so far.


In the recent episodes, we can see Rakhi drooling over Abhinav but getting no signs from him.



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And when things go so far from entertainment, Rubina asked Rakhi to stay within limits with a calm voice. But Rakhi never understood it any second.


Rubina once screamed at her, but Rakhi told her clearly that no one can stop her from flirting with Abhinav. So obviously, we were expecting Salman Khan to at least help her step back, but a new twist popped up. The promo shared by Colors Tv clearly shows that the Bigg Boss can go any far just for the TRP.


The Promo started with Salman Khan saying "Agar Rakhi is ghar ki sbse badi entertainer hai to uska sirf aur sirf Abhinav ko fayda ho raha hai" In the reply, Abhinav told SK “Mujhe vo fayda bilkul ni chahiye.. Puri Duniya ke samne kehna chahta hun. Let me say it Sir”.


But then Salman Khan stopped him in between the statement and ordered him to let him finish first. Salman Khan even told Abhinav not to overreact to things.


After that Abhinav can be seen jumping off the sofa and wiping out his tears. He even said that “If this is the entertainment, then I want to go home right now”.


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Do you think this is injustice with Abhinav?


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