Bigg Boss 13: Second Promo leaks out the theme - Could you guess?

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Here's the leaked interpretation of the theme of Bigg Boss 13 from the seond promo that was released earlier this weekend!

The promo shows Salman Khan on a fitness spree with Surbhi Jyoti in a gym on a cardio machine where he talks about Celebrities doing the following:

1) Opening up their Secrets

2) Romancing while Running

3) Fighting while Walking



But it's after he mentioned these is where the theme leaks out when he says, Finale will happen after First Month which means all the housemates will be running in a road to Finale which means they can afford to relax initially like normally celebs do as if they need to stay they have to perform, create drama or whatever. 

Post finale, it will be tasks and tasks or orders failing to which, you will get ousted from the House! Pretty Simple? Yeah, but one thing is clear that it looks like there will be more no. of contestants who will start on Day 1 and it's by 1st month where the normal no. of 15-18 will stay back who will then contest for the winner's Podium!

For sure, this is going to be big! Are you excited?