Chhichhore (2019) Movie Review: Losers are the real Winners?

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Peepoye Rating  (4 lens out of 5) 


This movie like any other Bollywood Masala has all the elements of a commercial creative which is Comedy, Music, Screenplay, Script but what stands out is the message that the story conveys and thus, becomes yet another cinematic creation which Bollywood can be proud of!


"Sushant Singh Rajput" has again shown that he’s gone nowhere and he’s still chosing the sujects which are worthy to do instead of prefering the race to Super Stardom. 


Besides a very good script, great screenplay, great direction and some really up to the mark performances by all the major characters in the film including the lead Sushant himself, the ones who would impress audience the most would be, "Prateik Babbar" as well as "Tahir Raj Bhasin" but having said that, the one who is inspiring the most is the Selection Day (Netflix Series) fame "Mohammad Samad", an actor who's the conernstone for the movie’s plot and rightfully representing the pyschology of majority of youth who succumbs under self-created plethora of expectations.


This movie for sure fits into the league of other great movies which promises to dive effectively into the subjects that deal with child psychology & Parenting and also justify seeming to be in the league of movies such as "Dear Zindagi" and "Taare Zameern Par” but, where the story written by Piyush Gupta, Nikhil Mehrotra and Nitesh Tiwari truly scores is how it indirectly streams the message by harmonizing the context with one major event in the lives of youngsters who become winners by losing!


and Why Not - afterall, this message needs to be conveyed in a relay by as many people as possible as we know there are so many teenagers and youngsters who get swayed by unnecessary pressure sometimes created by peers and sometimes due to bad parenting style and thus, this will resonate with lot of mindsets including youth and the old-aged alike. This movie is definitely a need of the hour and the message can’t be emphasized enough number of times for sure. Moreover, the story handles one more aspect and that is of relationships which break just out of over expectations and lack of communication which can be dealt with easily if there’s just some more self-introspection involved instead of crowd funding your personal ego.


It’s our recommendation that do bring in your teen kids in the theatres as we are sure they have grown enough in this internet era to handle porn jokes which makes through most of the middle half of the movie but is the only way the movie is alive amidst the tragic incident shown at the start.


Kudos to Team Chhichhore - this movie is a must watch and gets 4 stars out of 5 from our side.


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