City of Stars, are you shining just for me?

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Aye dil hai mushkil, jeena yahaan. Zara hatt ke, zara bach ke, yeh hai Bambaiiii meri Jaan!!


Bambaiii has been synonymous to Bollywood for as long as one can remember. Sorry Shaktimaan (Hollywood), we couldn’t come up with any authentic name!!


In a Cinema theatre, before the movie begins, they usually play a hideous 5-minute long anti-smoking advertisement which I despised for years but today, those initial words from the same advertisement randomly rang in my ears, emitting somewhere from my subconscious.

“Iss sheher ko yeh hua kya hai?”


Knock knock!! 


Is anyone there?


Is there anyone authentic here?


Does anyone feel anything here?
Does anyone care about anyone?


Is everyone only concerned about their own ‘good life’?


Bombay, i mean Mumbai, has never seemed so ruthless before. Or was it that the Dark side of this city was sheepishly hiding behind all that glitz and glamour?


No act can last forever. And 2020 is the year which unveils the brutality of what exists within the La La Land. This city has given name, fame, and fortune to many. But taken away one priceless possession in return. EMPATHY.


While ‘struggling’ to make a mark and fulfilling their dreams in the city of dreams, the one thing most ‘survivors’ have imbibed in the process is the ‘Chalta hai’ attitude.


Credit nahi mila? - Chalta hai, kaam toh mila.


Paise nahi mile?- Chalta hai, credit toh mila.


Respect nahi milti?- Chalta hai, Mafia ka Tommy toh bann gaya.



Casting couch hai?- Chalta hai. Ek baar se kya ho jayega. Stardom toh mil jayegi. Baad mein “Me too” bhi laga denge.



Award kisi undeserving artist ko de diya?- Chalta hai. Next time I’ll also buy it.



Role kisi star kid ko mil gaya, bina audition diye?- Chalta hai. Apna time ayega.



Deserving hone ke baawajood, Nominate bhi nahi huey? - Chalta hai. Dominate bhi toh nahi ho rahe kisi se.



Producer ne dhoka de diya?- Chalta hai. Atleast murder toh nahi kiya.



Koi actor Marr gaya?- Chalta hai... Sannu ki? Hum toh bach gaye! Naam ke aage Rest in peace lagao, Bella ciao!!



Meanwhile, gazing in the Mirror- “City of Stars!! Are you shining just for me??!!”


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