Coolie no 1 or Crass no 1? - 15 Mistakes and 9 Sins!!

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Here's our take on the recently released movie 'Coolie No. 1' that you can watch on Amazon Prime. The movie has certain elements that will make you wonder the word 'why' and this is a small endeavor to answer that question! 


The movie does lose on a lot of grounds around not only the mistakes which are obviously included to make the movie cringy but really? Is the audience in 2020 ready to accept the cringeworthy content at this crass level?


Noticeably, the whole movie has been catapulted around Varun Dhawan controlling every scene but it has exposed the vulnerability of Sara Ali Khan who has failed to give any expression within the context of the situation which has made her entire feature extremely weird. She has certainly looked sexy but that's all she could manage.


Watch this video where we have pointed out 15 cringe mistakes in this movie which is beyond human intelligence to fathom and don't find any head or tail in a sane context.



While most of the mistakes and the cringe content may be laugh-worthy but there's a depiction of Heroism that has gone totally wrong! When you get a 'thug' who cheats to marry to become a 'Hero', when you get that Hero to body shame a restaurant waiter and lacks morals to behave inhumanly with the relative of his own wife, would this be passe as the best message for the youth?


The answer could be 'Why take it seriously' but is it really so? Don't you think that movies like these and depictions like these do make us feel that this kind of behavior is really acceptable and you can afford to do the same?


What do you think? Here's our take on the 9 Sins that we think is the reason why this movie is not only cringy but also a 'sin' in the name of comedy



So in the end, all we can say is that the influencers like Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan, Actors like Paresh Rawal should pick but better subjects and exercise their judgment before accepting such crass scripts which are made to only make money on the box office but lose on credibility.