Deepika and Ranveer are still discovering each other, even after 8 years of their married life. How cute right?

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As per the saying, we cannot actually know a person completely even after spending years with them and this seems exactly the same with Deepika and Ranveer.


In her recent Interviews, she has spilled tea regarding her married life and through them, we got another reason to get charmed by the beauty of their relationship.


Deepika has shared that even if they have spent 8 years together, then also they are still on the stage of discovering each other.


She accepted the fact that they are people with two different personalities and this is what makes them even stronger. She has shared the fact that even if they are sharing their bond for the last 8 years, but still she can't say that she knows EVERYTHING about Ranveer and vice versa.


Regarding their starting stage of a relationship, she committed that they had started with close friends and then end up getting married.
No doubt, this is why their bond is so much stronger.


Are you also a fan of their chemistry? 


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