Devoleena's unexpected reaction taught Arshi a lesson

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From the recent episodes of Big Boss, this is clear that Arshi Khan loves to be on the culprit spot.

In the upcoming episode, we can see Arshi fighting with Devoleena

The promo started with Devoleena warning Arshi to stay on the limit or she'll slap her hard this time.



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After that Gopi Bahu jumps up on her feet and starts breaking down the dishes and other things of the house.

She even calls Arshi a Drama Queen by saying "Lo .. ab kar drama".

Whereas Arshi can be seen sneaking out of the dining room in the way to get escape from Devoleena's anger.

Then Devo asks Big Boss if she is going to be called inside the Confession room.

In the same second, Devo pushes some food inside the mouth of Arshi Khan while saying "Khaa... I will not excuse you."

Even though Nikki tries to keep Devoleena calm but she failed in her attempt.

After that Abhinav tried to calm her down too but Devo answers with "Usne mere ghr ke lie bola" and starts screaming uncontrollably.

With that fire in her voice, Devoleena screams at Rubina while telling her "Galat ka Saath deke tum Kahin sachchai ki murat ni ban ri ho".

After that Devoleena continued screaming and shouting with anger.

She even calls Rubina and Abhinav's name from the top of her throat.

Arshi on the other side looked shocked at Devo's reaction.

From that instance till the end she continued screaming hard and even though other contestants like Aly and Rahul try to calm her down but get no success.

Is this normal?

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