Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan padi Dharam Sankat Mein!! Here's what happened..

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This house of Big Boss 14 has a lot more surprises than the total Christmas gifts we had received in our lives. 


A few episodes before we have been told then Vikas Gupta was shown the gate of the house due to a heated argument with none other than Arshi Khan. And during the argument, he pushed Arshi into the pool and which causes him to leave the house.


And in the promo shared by ColorsTV today, he returned back inside the house, leaving Arshi’s mouth dropping on the floor.



In a statement, she has been seen saying that Vikas Gupta deserves more than Rahul Vaidya, which she confirmed as her supporter. This has completely brought him to the state of confusion of whom to select.


Later on, Rahul was saying that the other house members are actually manipulating Arshi constantly for not choosing him as the HOUSE CAPTAIN. Although Vikas Gupta has given the statement that he wants to win this badly, but Arshi Khan is seen stuck in between.


Who do you think, would be selected by her?


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