Anupama: Did Kinjal replace Vanraj?

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While we were already expecting the behavior of Pakhi to change for her home, another mystery hit the surface. The news of Vanraj lost the job has now come alive.


Yesterday’s episode started with Leela asking Aupama to send the food to Vanraj and Pakhi as they are already a family member.  After that Anupama was shown packing all things so Pakhi and missing her. Then her eyes fall down on Vanraj’s medical reports and medicines. She instantly picked it up and headed them to Samar, asking him to deliver everything to Kavya’s house.


Samar goes to the Kavya’s place and gives the bags to Pakhi. After that when Vanraj asks him to enter the house, he goes straight to him and gives his medical reports and medicines to him by saying Her mom never forgets everything like others. Then suddenly Vanraj’s gaze falls on the bruises on the face of Samar. Vanraj with the sympathy and confusion in his eyes asks Samar about them. While Samar tells the false reason, Vanraj abruptly tells him to speak the truth instead. Vanraj asks Samar if this happened because of the girlfriend and he replies with a nod.


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But when Vanraj opens his mouth with harsh words, Samar straightly tells him that this happened because of Vanraj’s girlfriend and that the name of his mom came in between so he started beating the boys. On the question of Vanraj to tell him the name, he clearly denies answering that he knows how to stand alone like her mother.


After that Pakhi and Vanraj are shown drolling over the food made by Anupama. While Kavya kept on grinding her teeth on the reaction of his boyfriend. Then on the next minute Pakhi when reached the school, got mocked up in front of Anupama because of Anupama-Vanraj's Divorce.


Anupama response nothing on that and come back to her home after her job. While her way back Vanraj accidentally calls Anupama and she learns the fact of her job. When she comes back to her place, she informs everyone about the news and order, everyone, not to open their mouth themselves. The best part about yesterday’s show is that in the glimpse of the new episode in which we can see that Vanraj got replaced by a new fresh comer to do the task.


He was shown coming out of his office with all of his belongings and in pride.  But on the same second, KInjal comes inside the home and celebrates her new job selection with her entire family.


From the way it was shown, can we say that Kinjal replaced Vanraj for the same job role?


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