Exposing Salman Khan's vaar on Rubina Dilaik; Reality of 'Reality shows' Bigg Boss!

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There are many viewers who think, all that they see on 'Reality Shows' like Bigg Boss is real! This is the highest degree of foolishness and absurdity someone can possess!


But we, at PeepOye, believe in exposing the false narrative in shows like Bigg Boss, its cast, and its host who present fiction in the name of 'Reality shows'.


Because, This is straight-out lying, creating absurdity, fakeness, and degrading content to the viewers in the name of entertainment, TRP and money! This is straight-out lying and twisting of the whole process of filmmaking, fiction, documentary and realism.


Watch below, How the whole cast of Bigg Boss, including Salman Khan, the host, work together and contribute to creating a pathetic and disgusting fake 'Reality show' for the people of India.



Salman throwing out the cast of Bigg Boss, in any way he wants, at anytime he likes, is not reality! Contestants like Vikas Gupta, keep on coming in and going out of the house to spread current news from outside world, which is not reality!


Paras posing as a playboy, in front of the whole country, including his relatives, is not reality!


How can Rakhi pull open the knot of Abhinav's shorts? Abhinav is married and his wife is also a participant! What if a guy does something of this sort? We all know the category under which that action would have come.


Participants getting abusive and assaulting each other- mentally, physically, and sexually, is not a healthy thing to represent as reality! Everything is content. Disgusting and cheap content! It's high time, that people are aware of such shows, and disregard the making of such shows! Instead of banning fiction web series and movies, there should be a ban on abusive shows like Bigg Boss!


PeepOye has continuously analyzed and exposed the strategies, mindsets and script of the players and the show. 





Not only Reality Shows, but we also expose everything which needs to be out there! 



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