Gopi Bahu is possessive of her house in real life as well

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In the recent episodes, Arshi Khan continued playing the CULPRIT card.

 Even Ali and Rahul had left her because of so many dirty tricks she plays inside the house.

And now her battle is with Gopi Bahu. Devoleena has already earned her name and showed her side.



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The promo started with Devoleena throwing utensils on the growing by screaming at Arshi. Then Arshi can be seen leaving the room. In the same second Gopi Bahu screams on the top of her throat "Abhi bol..Isne mere ghar ke lie great bola".

Even Abhinav and other members of the house tried to calm her down but she losses all the control over herself.

After that Devoleena pushes some food inside Arshi's mouth while saying "Le chat"

After that, Devoleena losses all her temper and screams.

One thing is clear that Gopi Bahu is possessive of her house like every other woman, and not going to handle any of Arshi's blames on it.

Arshi must be scared of her now. Or at least that's what we can hope.

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