Hindustani Bhau : Another mastermind in making??

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Almost a week has passed since the new chapter of BiggBoss started with the arrival of six new contestants and the equations already seem changing in the house. Old bonds are breaking, new friendships are taking shape, and relations are being put to test. While some wild card contestants are still taking their time to find their niche and place in the house before they unleash their true sides, there is one wild card entrant who has already stepped with a storm and standing out amongst others. That is none other than our desi tadka served tapori style -Hindustani Bhau AKA Vikas Phatak.


This laugh riot won hearts of many, right from the time when he was on the stage where he described the contestants with a name or quality. Those who wondered what this far-from-sophistication man who gained internet popularity with his flamboyant speaking style which offended some-delighted some, would add to this show, have met with pleasant surprise as he grips on further in the show. The man sure is an effortless entertainer who is playing this game with absolute finesse.


Bhau has been winning fans with his sharp comic skills, stupendous mimicry skills, no nonsense attitude and just general reactions to situations in his own unique way. He has left both the viewers and the housemates in splits as he mimicked other housemates, yet unpolished as he is, he has gotten some eyebrows raised too for his political incorrectness. Though, being associated with controversy isn’t new to him, we know that controversies often push people higher in this game.


What works the best for Bhau, is that he hasn’t limited himself to comedy and entertainment only and has unabashedly gone forward to accept himself for who he is, original and unique. Unsurprisingly, we noticed housemates interacting with him in the same tapori slang and being very accepting of his overall personality.

 Bhau has made it clear to the housemates that while he would always be the one with saner advices and a hug when someone is low, he isn’t someone to be messed with. His recent spat with Shehnaz spoke volumes that he won’t let people run over him. The man sure doesn’t mince his word when it comes to putting out his views and speaks his mind loud and clear. But the recent episode showed another side of him too, that while he isn’t afraid to show people their place, yet he doesn’t mingle his ego while sorting things out with people as we saw him hanging out with Shehnaz in the bathroom area soon after his spat. This attitude of balancing one’s ego and self-respect is a unique quality, and it would take him a long way in the game.

His straight forwardness has gotten him much admiration as he appreciates and chides people for their action on their face, be it appreciating Paras for his game or suggesting Arti to put her self-respect in front. So far it does appear that he is very secure in his game and has the game sorted in his head. The man is an overall package and is garnering plenty praises from all directions.

He has entered the house after good analysis of the show and is very mindful and aware of the game strategies of the housemates. He is shaping his game discreetly and smartly. Is he the mastermind of this season in the making? Well, we would soon know. For now, we sure are interested to see how he formulates his game plan amidst some serious competition from old contestants who have already created a fanbase in the last 5 weeks. We hope that he moves ahead in the game and keep entertaining us with his charm and wit.