Horror avatar of Rakhi Sawant is at the brink of Super Cringe and Super Entertaining!

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The latest promo shared by ColorsTv was a lot more exciting and scary at the same time.


The post starts with Rakhi Sawant looking into the mirror and singing a song without blinking her eyes as if a haunted soul has possed her body. She was shown crying while singing a scary song. Then suddenly she tilted her head backward which actually look every scarier and then Jasmin Bhasin was shown asking her If she was actually fine or not.


The promo becomes even odder when Rakhi was shown getting up from the swing while having tears in her eyes. After that Vikas Gupta was shown napping in Rakhi’s lap.



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The scariest statement of this promo video was given by Rakhi Sawant when she was telling a family member that Big Boss House was her own place and she was living there for 200 years now, but still, she wasn’t happy.


So, the whole theme of this video revolves around Rakhi being possessed by a soul.


What's your take on this? Can this happen for real or this is yet another act in the entertaining saga of Rakhi Sawant?


By this time if you haven't, you must watch this video where we already exposed the 'Horror' segment as a must-scripted segment of every season!




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