Is Ekta Kapoor's a knot tie-up or Real?

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2020 has brought so many celebrities together, either for a business tie-up or for getting married together.


But when it comes to our favorite director, How can miss that news? Ekta Kapoor and Tanveer, the favorite directors of all time are getting married soon. Or that’s what we can guess from the new eye capturing post, she has shared on her profile.




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With a caption under her post “N we r there! Will tell all soon!!!!”, she left our ears waiting to listen to her wedding bells ringing. We are also so excited to see her in the wedding dress and the most cheerful smile she owns. Although we are expecting the wedding more because in this post Tanveer B replied with the acceptance of changing their strong friendship into relation. Isn’t it a clue to us?


But the rumors are about their new project too. So, although we are looking forward to watching them getting married, we also aren’t sure if this is just to show their new collaboration for the new web series.


And as you are reading this article with the full craze, we must say you like these directors a lot. So, Respected FAN, what do you think about this news? Are they getting married?