Ye Hai Chahatein: Is Balraj dead now?

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We sense something odd in the show of Yeh Hai Chahatein. Although it can be untrue, as the way it happened is doubtful.


Recently when Rudra was asked to justify his act of purchasing the hospital he denies and tells his father that it's his money and he can use it in any way he pleases.


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Their fight then started with Balraj slapping his son and getting a push in return. After a while, Balraj reaches his room with the help of his wife.  Balraj asks for forgiveness from Madhu as well for always misbehaving with her.


After this, Mahima tried to put fuel to Balraj's fire. He then agrees on changing his legacy.  Next second, Saransh calls Preesha to take him from there. From the glimpse of the upcoming episode, one thing is clear that Mahima's chapter is soon going to end.


Balraj is shown dead and lying in the middle of the hallway. Preesha when finds Saransh, he tells her about Balraj.


Do you think this can be an act by them? Or Balraj's role has ended now.


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