Is this a plot or Vanraj really want to marry kavya?

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And when we were guessing on the change of events, Vanraj just turns the table in seconds. In the show Anupama, which has been in the spotlight of TRP, the storyline is folding with another twist and punches.


When the viewers were expecting Vanraj to bring some change in her personality as he confessed his feelings for Anupama, his ego took advantage again. After getting the denial from Anupama he went back to Kavya and told her the opposite. He told her that Anupama is making moves on his side while he was living there just because of her family.


At this Kavya was shown accepting back Vanraj with the proposal of leaving Anupama Completely. Now when he announced this decision to his family members, everyone got shocked. He gave the reason for his sudden change was Anupama's denial of his forgiveness and asked for a divorce.


After that, Anirudh asks 60 lakh for her divorce from Kavya, which was a nice punch on her face. And as per the next episode, Anupama was also shown filing and presenting divorce papers in front of Vanraj which made him shocked.


Is this Vanraj's plan of getting Anupama back in his life or he wants to get a divorce? What do you think?


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