War of Words between the Bigg Boss Critic and the Contestant! Here's what happened..

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It all started with a tease from Akassh with a good sense of humor but looks like Jaan wasn't ready for it.



Jaan instead of taking it in humor went derogatory calling out Akassh and his thoughts as 'gutter'.  On this, the popular independent Bigg Boss critic and the backbone of PEEPOYE, Akassh who never backs down from giving logic raised a question to Kumar Sanu’s son Jayesh regarding his recent tweet digging at Rahul Vaidya’s comeback after his voluntary exit from Bigg Boss House. Also, the reviewer booked the singer of being jealous of Rahul.


Jaan next responded saying that you are diverting the topic but wasn't able to provide any logical explanation why he wanted to go public inviting his friends and other co-contestants 'Shardul Pandit' and 'Pavitra Punia' to take a stand against Rahul's comeback in the show (failed attempt to downturn Rahul's comeback trend?)





It all started with Rahul Vaidya giving the viewers what they never thought was coming and that is the correct form of drama on the show by nominating Jayesh Bhattacharya during the nomination assignment, citing 'Nepotism' as the reason. Rahul also added, although some have come to show because of their sheer hard work, owing to his father, Kumar Sanu's popularity, Jaan discovered his entrance into the show becoming Jaan Kumar Sanu from Jayesh Bhattacharya!

Surprised by Rahul's words, Jaan replied saying he is fortunate that his father is Kumar Sanu. However, Rahul quipped saying that he doesn`t need a famous father.



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The Twitter users and Peepoye praised Rahul for daring to talk about nepotism on Bigg boss 14 after the promo was released.




The entire 'nepotism' controversy has split Twitter into supporters of Rahul Vaidya and supporters of Jaan Kumar Sanu. 

While there is Peepoye claiming that Rahul was bold enough to book Jaan of moving forward in the show because he was Kumar Sanu's son, many others called it an 'insensitive remark', neglecting the partiality happening.





We feel that Jaan is carrying a certain animosity as Akassh went on to roast him with a logical spin around why in a season where there are no commoners, you can get someone like Jaan - Is it Nepotism? Is it encashing his father's name? but for sure with 2000 followers on Instagram and a similar no. of subscribers on youtube while entering the show, how could Jaan be invited as a celeb in the show? What do you think?


Few more facts:

Earlier, as stated, It was revealed that Jaan Kumar was at the bottom and received a minimal number of votes. So to save him from elimination, the producers carried out a surprise eviction, where the seniors had taken the decision and Sara Gurpal was evicted. The same thing happened when Shehzad Deol was eliminated.



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