Susan the Rescuer?

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The fact that counsellor Susan Walker chose to reveal Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged illness right after the FIR against Rhea was made, is making the credibility of her statements questionable.
Similarly, Barkha Dutt repeatedly using the word suicide instead of demise, while the case is still under investigation, makes her agendas highly questionable!
Until there are concrete evidences and tangible facts backing Susan’s claims, it is merely their word against the family’s word. The latter being more substantial, in this case.
The closer this case is to being cracked the higher the desperation of the conformists of Mafia to deviate from the obvious, just to prove their point. Even if it means demeaning the deceased.
Instead of standing in solidarity and supporting the victim’s family, the Bully-wood is falling into discord.
Truth will eventually outshine and expose them all.
However, just Like a rose amongst the thorns, there are honest ones amongst the pseudos too. And one can sense who they are. Only if one is willing to see.
As long as the public refuses to get manipulated and continue with their quest for Justice, there is nothing that can defuse this fire. Chaos and order go hand in hand.
The likes of Arnab Goswami, Subramanyam Swami and Ishkaran Singh’s diligent contribution in solving this mystery, is most likely to go down in history.