Kapil Sharma shared about his new project with NETFLIX! Are you excited?

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The Kapil Sharm Show has come to the most refreshing time pass for us.


No matter the time or mood, Kapil Sharma’s jokes have always made our day much better. It’s a great job to watch this dhow in such a time where people own so many worries in their head.

But happiness increase, even more, when we hear him talking about his new projects.


Yes, you read it right, his NEW projects. He is soon going to be seen on NETFLIX.

So high-five to all the Kapil Sharma fans out they as we are equally excited.

Sharing about this project, Kapil Sharma has said that this is his first association with Netflix, and his ultimate motive is to make people laugh every time. He also cracked a hoke that he didn’t have the phone number of Netflix till now and that’s the reason he never did any show with them.

This video of his, speaking about the project has been shared on the YouTube channel of Netflix India. Can’t wait to see him bringing positivity and laughter through his new project as well.


The best comedian of recent times isn't it?


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