Anupama: Kinjal will be sitting on Vanraj's throne from now on

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In the recent episode of Anupama, we can see Vanraj losing his job and Kinjal replacing on the same one.  We can expect Vanraj to realize his mistakes sooner.

The episode started with Vanraj packing his things in his office and screaming due to the trauma while on the other side, Kinjal got tensed when she got the Interview call to be attended on the same day.

After reaching Kavya’s house Vanraj is shown depressed and started screaming at her for no reason. 


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After getting frustrated, Kavya leaves him alone and go back to her office. Meanwhile, Vanraj was shown in her depressed mood but started smiling when he gets the video call from his daughter.

After this Kavya was shown asking Pakhi to stay at her home if she wants to, but Pakhi refuses and accepts that she likes her company more. Pakhi even tells Kavya that she needs to prepare her performance for Annual day with her.

Vanraj then asks Kavya to clarify what she said, but Kavya tells him that she has no problem with her daughter and it's because she isn't getting any private time with him. She even tells Vanraj that he needs to utilize his time now and that he needs to respond to the divorce papers sent by Anupama to marry her afterward.

Kavya then gets the mail and tells Vanjraj that the replacement of his job is none other than his daughter in law. Vanraj was shown more confused about this and starts blaming Anupama for all his loss.

On the other side, Kinjal gets the job and celebrates it with her family. 

But when Kinjal learns the truth behind the job, she seemed shocked.

Toshu then announces his new job at the coaching center run by Kinjal’s mom. In the last, Kavya goes straight to Anupama and blames him for Vanraj’s loss.

Do you think Kinjal will be joining this company after learning the truth?


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