Luv Tyagi goes 'King Size' with his latest release on 7th September - EXCLUSIVE

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You may have heard of a young man creating waves in one of the most popular Reality Shows of India and then while many expected him to chase Bollywood or the TV industry, to everyone’s surprise, he rejected some big Daily Soap offers and chose to be an independent Music Artist! Yes, we are talking about the fitness inspiration, the handsome hunk Luv Tyagi who is releasing his new music single ‘King Size’ coming 7th September on his youtube channel! Given that, we recently spoke to Luv to find all about this latest release as well as what he’s been doing lately amidst COVID and lockdown!



Excerpts from the conversation: 



We just heard that you are coming up with another single but this one is different we heard, so could you give us a quick glance at what your latest song is all about?


This song is about a guy who is proud of himself and is King of his own world living the life 'King Size' irrespective of big mansions. May not have many women in his life but he’s enjoying his life and proud of the name he’s earned and content of what he’s done.



07-09-2020 KING SIZE on my YouTube Channel LINK IN MY BIO #kingsize #kingluvtyagi #luvtyagi #7september2020

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What can your fans expect from the song? What’s the genre?


In this song, we have kept things very realistic showing how he goes about his life, business, girls overall enjoying his life! Since it’s a song like that, it’s got quite an urban and a new age feel. I believe this song will be played by people mostly while driving in the car as this is not a party song but a super-fun which you could just play on a loop and keep going.



On the genre, this song is not a rap rap, I have actually sung (yes, used autotunes - he smiles with all honest expression). My head moves whenever I play the song. 




What’s your inspiration to be an independent artist?


I do what I love and that’s why I have started making music. Never liked a glamorous lifestyle but I always lived a very simple life and always kept it super normal as more it’s normal, more it is me and what I prefer. You may have facilities but not on the cost of your own happiness.

So, this is me I like to act in my own music videos as of now instead of acting in daily soaps. At least for now, that’s what I like being with family and at the same time making music. Also, I don’t want to get listed in that Industry category as I am not from the industry and I don’t want to be tagged as a person who’s from the TV Industry. I wonder why you can’t we be a public figure and not get typed into an industry so this is what I like making music and staying in Delhi NCR. I don’t have a problem with Mumbai but this is where I was born and this lifestyle is my Inspiration.



Why not a Music Label but your own Youtube channel Luv?


If you go-to labels, and if they agree to upload in on their channel then, the song will belong to them and that’s where I reject being part of hat association and thus, I would rather be an independent artist and own my music and keep trying with a positive mindset that you will succeed with hard work. There are days you question yourself whether is going well or not as I have got offers where I could enjoy the luxury of being served and being pampered but I liked doing it all by myself - fixing lights, keeping the camera in my car, and do all the production work possibly that I may add value in.



What can your fans expect from your latest release, upcoming projects?


This time it’s not rap but an urban age feel which you will love playing in your car. On upcoming projects, I really don’t know as I make my music instantly. I have to do it in 15-20 minutes and if I can’t, I will have to start on another day. Not sure which genre I would go next but this one is a very good song. It’s a fun song that people should be able to play and ride along on a loop with your friends.



What has kept you most busy in the lockdown?


Lockdown has been quite boring. I have been making my music and doing my business from home but everyone’s been making losses so same here but that’s life. There were days, I was sitting idle doing leisure just like anyone watching OTT - I like this normal lifestyle i told ya (smiles). I am so happy with it (smiles). Hoping this song to do well & hope to connect with you soon. Peace