Mahima has burned Saransh's back with a red hot iron nail

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The storyline of Yeh Hain Chahatain is full of twists and turn.

The last episode started with Rudra and Preesha recovering in the hospital.

Then they both argue on the issues going on between them.

And in the end, Preesha makes it clear that she doesn't want Rudra near him. 

On the other hand, when Mahima brings her son back to the Khurana Mansion he wakes up.

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So she decides to scare him off with a piece of burning iron. And also burn his back with the same when Saransh disagrees with her.

Next second, Mahima's father blames her for kidnapping his niece but she turns to Saransh for the answer.

As expected, Saransh answers in only Mahima's favor and tells his grandfather that he called Mahima to take him from there as he was missing her.

After that, Rudra enters inside the house and denies Saransh's reasons.

He even corners Saransh's and asks for the real reason.

But because of Mahima's torcher, he again repeats the same line.

Just after that Rudra's father Balraj asks him about the reason for purchasing the hospital.

In reply, Rudra committees that it's his money and he is allowed to use it as he pleases.

Balraj then slaps Rudra and says he would have killed Preesha if it was in his hands.

Just after that, he pushes him back which results in Balraj's fall on the ground.

 Mahima takes the matter into her own hands and tells Vanraj that Rudra will destroy everything now.

But Balraj disagrees and decides to change his legacy.

In the Next second, Rudra asks committee members if they agree to make him a new M.D.

After the majority of votes, he announces that he is the new M.D. of the company now.

Isn't Mahima's chapter needlessly getting stretchy now?

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