Maula - a heart touching music video you cannot miss!

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This latest video song by Erica Fernandes, Salman Shaikh, and Rohman Shawl has touched the heart of every fan. With its emotional story, it has brought tears to every eye.


The video started with the scene where Erika was remembering her first love, Rohanman, and the moments they spent together by looking at the pictures they two clicked together. And then their strong chemistry got into the spotlight.


Meanwhile, Salman Shaikh was shown in the video, entering their room. It was represented that Salman and Erika were married but still were far away from each other. Although Salman was shown respecting her past life and didn’t say anything when he saw her looking at those pictures. Later on, he was shown as getting frustrated by the ignorance of her towards him.




These two actors have given their best on this storyline making it look so real and emotional.


Also, do tell us your favorite moments of this video and how much you loved them. We are all ears.


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