Neha Kakkar's possessiveness on RohanPreet is entertaining their fans a lot

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Remember the Kapil Sharma Show Incident where Neha Kakkar has told us that she had asked Rohanpreet to delete his Ex-Girlfriends phone number? And then RohanPreet committed that at that incident he got the idea of writing the song of Ex-calling?



After this whole incident, when he shared the song with Neha Kakkar, she liked the song idea a lot. Also, with the amazing lyrics and hear-touching music this song got on the top of the list.


Since this news, their chemistry and videos on these songs have been the favorite time-spending task for their fans. Recently in an Interview, Avneet Kaur, the actress in the music video of Ex-calling has also revealed the fact that the reaction of Neha Kakkar was really cute and possessive.


A day before, Neha and Rohanpreet have also recorded a reel on this same song with the quote saying “me to his Ex”, showing how possessive she is of her husband.

These videos are adorable to watch. One just cannot escape from saying aww-so-cute after watching them.


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