Bigg Boss: Nikki as Rakhi's new entertainment element

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It Seems like Nikki Tamboli is going to be the new toy for Rakhi's entertainment.

Well, we are still confused about who was wrong or right in this drama.

The promo of Bigg Boss by Colors Tv declares a war between Rakhi and Nikki.

It all started when Nikki asked Rakhi to return her hair bands and get the reply that she is busy with the kitchen work.



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On this, she again added, "apke pas koi kaam nahi hai chalo de do jaldi"."

But Rakhi clearly announces to Nikki that she isn't the one who will decide that for her.

And again, their catfight started with Nikki asking for her hairbands and Rakhi asking for her eyeshadow back.

In the next second, Nikki declares that she possesses the right for taking her things back.

After telling this, she moves toward the essential box and takes out her hairbands.

Rakhi then screams and asks Nikki for her eyeshadow.

Nikki then grabs a new eyeshadow from her essentials and gives it to Rakhi.

Rakhi on this responds with "mera eyeshadow khatam kia...chi chi chi chi..kitna gande colors hai."

Whereas Nikki screams back with "muh pe aisa chaata marungi na battmeeji mt krna."

But we guess she forgot whom she was talking with.

Next second she provokes Nikki by screaming with "tere me dum hai to aaja mar ke dikha.. udhr se faltu bat mt kr chudalon vali.. aake dikha vrna bol mt tere faltu ki geedad bhabkiyan tere pas rkh.. gadhi kahin ki dho dalungi."

Although Nikki tries to keep herself down after listening to this, jumps on her feet and move forward to Rakhi in a rush.

In between her way, Arshi and Abhinav try to stop her from reaching Rakhi.

Who do you think is right in this catfight?

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