No matter how much excitement we have but let's not invade Virushka’s privacy and wait for them to share the picture.

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Earlier sometime when Virushka has shared their pregnancy news, we were on the clouds to fill their heart with our blessings.


And since Virat Kohli has shared the news of their newborn angel with us, it seems like our world has filled with a sudden happy click.



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Recently the news about their enhanced security has come into the spotlight. They want their privacy over everything else.


And why they shouldn’t be? We completely agree with their point of view.


They have even restricted the hospital staff to come near Anushka’s room and those who are allowed to go inside, are given proper instructions not clicking a single picture.


Although there are people outside the hospital, who are waiting so hard to get a glimpse of their newborn daughter but there is a slight difference between invading someone's privacy to get a name and letting someone have their space and bless them.


From our perspective, we should be maintaining that much distance. No Doubt we are more than excited to get charmed with the first look of the baby, still, I think we should wait till they feel alright.


And with this note, we are blessing the couple and their baby “A Happy and Blessed Life Ahead”.


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