Parineeti Chopra and Sumit Saurabh tweeted in support of the #ZomatoDeliveryGuy, along with other celebrities

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The saying that "NOTHING CAN HIDE THE TRUTH" has proved right, once again.


The allegations made by Instagram Influencer Hitesha against the Zomato boy have been in the trending news right now.


Ever since she posted the video on social media, people started looking for the other side of the story. And when the video of Kamraj got uploaded, people made their decisions without giving a second thought to Hitesha’s alligations.


Even now so many celebrities came in front and showed their support for the Zomato Delivery Guy.


Recently, Sumit Saurabh requested the people to take a step and start helping the boy “Someone please start an authentic crowd funding for him .  He needs our support ! #ZomatoDeliveryGuy”.



Talking about the same, Parineeti Chopra requested Zomato for looking deeper into the matter and bringing the truth in front of the world “Zomato India - PLEASE find and publicly report the truth.. If the gentleman is innocent (and I believe he is), PLEASE help us penalise the woman in question. This is inhuman, shameful and heartbreaking .. Please let me know how I can help.. #ZomatoDeliveryGuy @zomatoin”.



Seems like we finally got our culprit.


What do you think?


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