Rahul Vaidya and his Q/A with fans

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Rahul Vaidya isn't leaving a single opportunity to show his love and emotions for his fans by interacting with them through Instagram Live Sessions and Tweeter Q/A sessions


Also, the RKVs fan base loved to interact with him whenever they get the chance and shower him with their precious love and time. Today also, Rahul Vaidya had started a new AskRKV session for the fans to ask anything they want and Rahul was all set with his folded sleeves to answer their excitements.


One of his fans asked him that if he has given a choice to get a superpower for a day what it would be? And in the answer, Rahul replied that he wishes to have wings so that he could fly like a bird. Sounds mesmerizing right?







Also, when one of his followers asked him that where did he in the next 10 years. At this, he replied with the most emotional and heartwarming reply as “Best Father ever, Great Husband and an Indian who has made India proud     want to do something for my country all the time! Jai Hind #AskRK”.


Even when fans tried to show their curiosity regarding the double date of him and Disha with Aly- Jasmin, he replied with “Meri jaan hain dono ❤️ @AlyGoni @jasminbhasin abhi to dates shuru hui hain .. @disha11parmar #AskRKV”.


Have you participated in the AskRKV session today?


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